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Number of products that meet the following criteria: 11191

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Manufacturer  [11186] 
Type of connector  [7548] 
Type of connector...  [138] 
Type of connection cable  [42] 
Type of wire  [28] 
Type of transition  [18] 
Type of enclosure  [6] 
Type of tool  [2] 
Number of pins  [7045] 
Connector  [6727] 
Kind of connector  [6677] 
Contacts pitch  [6409] 
Electrical mounting  [5897] 
Type of pin configuration  [5172] 
Spatial orientation  [5119] 
Connector series  [4760] 
Contact plating  [4113] 
Connector variant  [2925] 
Mechanical mounting  [2791] 
Operating temperature  [2543] 
Maximum current  [2134] 
Rated voltage  [1885] 
Alias  [1863]