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    Number of products that meet the following criteria: 4499

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    Manufacturer  [4499] 
    Type of connector  [1645] 
    Type of enclosure  [1508] 
    Type of connector...  [337] 
    Type of tool  [5] 
    Connector series  [2820] 
    Case  [2752] 
    Insert mounting  [2712] 
    Mechanical mounting  [1981] 
    Enclosure material  [1791] 
    Locking system  [1686] 
    Kind of connector  [1660] 
    Gland thread  [1563] 
    Spatial orientation  [1414] 
    Connector variant  [1396] 
    Electrical mounting  [1347] 
    IP rating  [1341] 
    Number of pins  [1286] 
    Current rating  [1208] 
    Rated voltage  [1193]