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    Manufacturer  [5395] 
    Type of cable...  [1813] 
    Type of wire  [1143] 
    Type of sensors...  [1116] 
    Type of bearing  [1025] 
    Type of mounting element  [287] 
    Type of filament  [11] 
    Series  [2903] 
    Length  [2459] 
    Operating temperature  [2114] 
    Version  [2058] 
    Kind of wire  [1608] 
    Outer insulation...  [1608] 
    Bending radius  [1489] 
    External height  [1482] 
    External width  [1482] 
    Internal height  [1482] 
    Internal width  [1482] 
    Material  [1232] 
    Cable application  [1143]