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    Number of products that meet the following criteria: 3567

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    Manufacturer  [3567] 
    Type of wire  [3567] 
    Core structure  [3567] 
    Insulation colour  [3567] 
    Outer insulation...  [3567] 
    Cable external diameter  [3566] 
    Kind of core  [3566] 
    Operating temperature  [3566] 
    Number of cores  [3563] 
    Rated voltage  [3549] 
    Kind of wire  [3233] 
    CPR standard  [3072] 
    Package contents  [2969] 
    Conforms  [2926] 
    Flexibility class  [1421] 
    Cable features  [1216] 
    Cable application  [260] 
    Kind of package  [227] 
    Resistance to  [226] 
    Max. current load  [22] 
    Kit contents  [4] 
    Cable length  [3]