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    Catalogue >Connectors >Power connectors >Terminal blocks

    Number of products that meet the following criteria: 1781

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    Manufacturer  [1777] 
    Type of connector  [1574] 
    Type of splice terminal  [163] 
    Type of connector...  [35] 
    Type of kit  [9] 
    Electrical mounting  [1706] 
    Colour  [1650] 
    Mechanical mounting  [1646] 
    Number of ways  [1628] 
    Rated voltage  [1602] 
    Current rating  [1543] 
    Body material  [1496] 
    Flammability rating  [1355] 
    Conform to the norm  [1339] 
    Spatial orientation  [1339] 
    Contacts pitch  [1332] 
    Connector  [1328] 
    Type of pin...  [1308] 
    Wire cross section  [1249] 
    Operating temperature  [1239] 
    Contact plating  [1228] 
    Contact material  [1140] 
    Wire size  [984] 
    Kind of connector  [824] 
    Locking system  [813] 
    Height  [797] 
    Number of terminals  [717] 
    Length  [620]