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All products: IXYS

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Manufacturer  [2258] 
Type of transistor  [1470] 
Type of module  [301] 
Type of diode  [215] 
Type of semiconductor...  [145] 
Type of integrated...  [94] 
Type of relay  [33] 
Case  [2245] 
Mounting  [2195] 
Kind of package  [1966] 
Power dissipation  [1828] 
Gate charge  [1490] 
Drain-source voltage  [1210] 
Kind of channel  [1208] 
On-state resistance  [1194] 
Drain current  [1183] 
Reverse recovery time  [972] 
Technology  [938] 
Features of...  [662] 
Semiconductor structure  [580] 
Gate-source voltage  [490] 
Polarisation  [486] 
Max. off-state voltage  [468] 
Load current  [463] 
Max. forward impulse...  [463] 
Turn-off time  [462]